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Clinical Psychologist

Public : Adolescents, Adults
Languages : Italian, English
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Clinical Psychologist

About me

I worked in Brussels at VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) as psychologist and currently in the private field as clinician.
Even if my background is mainly in Clinical-Dynamic Psychology, I do follow the person's characteristics and inclination, using therefore the techniques that better apply to each situation. 
We often have a fixed idea of ourselves and of others, therefore it is hard to see and embrace change. In order to analyze and transform situations that might make you feel uncomfortable, a dialogue with a professional could help you. Sometimes it is crucial to clear your thoughts, your emotions and reflect on them with someone who has no judgment upon what you will express. Throughout our life we find ourselves looking for a balance, in relationships, at work or within ourselves. Suffering often comes when we don't feel the balance or when the balance itself becomes dysfunctional. It is certainly not easy to book an appointment with a professional, because it means to recognize our suffering-self, but it is an important step that will lead you to discover other parts of yourself and a different way of looking at things.  
Having myself a migration background, I work a lot with people who are dealing with the changes and difficulties that migration brings. 

Working at VUB has surely helped me to develop my skills for what concerns the study-related support: working on motivation, managing stress, anxiety, procrastination, time management and orientations (both in education and in the job market). 
Thanks to my traineeship at Ediveria (Vienna, A) I also had the possibility to understand the phenomenon of synesthesia, the ability of connecting more than one sense, and to help people that are struggling because of the negative connotation that often is given to this skill. 
Moreover, having worked in an adoption center, I have experience in accompanying people during the process of adoption.  
I do not not propose a long- or short-term therapy, this will depend on the person's needs and it is something that we will openly discuss.  
If you wish to make an appointment with me or if you want to ask me some more information, you can always contact me at my email address: aurora.belfanti.psy@gmail.com

Education, Training and Memberships

  • Psychotherapy School - Institute of Constructivist Psychology 
  • Msc in Clinical-Dynamic Psychology (University of Padua, IT; Universidad de la Laguna, ES)  
  • Bsc in Psychology (University of Padua, IT; Freie Universität Berlin, D)
  • Student Psychologist, Vrij Universiteit Brussel (Brussel, BE)  
  • Psychotherapy studio "Ediveira", specialized in synesthesia (Vienna, A)  
  • Adoption center, ULSS6 (Padua, IT)  
  • Emotional and sexual education in primary schools (Trento, IT)  
  • Psycho-pedagogic center (Padua, IT)  
Official member of:  
  • Ordine degli Psicologi di Trento (IT)

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